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Camera Installation
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                         [Product Image] Prevention is better than cure

Measure the risk and make an assessment of how important is to protect your family, property and valuables.

There are many reasons why a camera is installed.  Some reasons may be because of legal requirements, prevention, planning, recreational etc, The reasons are infinite.  It is important to measure the risk and  then translate them into tangible risks. This basically means that it is better to prevent than cure.  Tangible risks are those that we are able to measure and because of that, we can prevent them before they can occur. This last method is used in many large institutions were insurance costs and liabilities can be enormous. 

What is covered in a surveillance installation in a Child Care Centre for example?

bullet Entry and exit from the centre
bullet Play areas and recreational areas
bullet Delivery areas
bullet Offices (where expensive devices, records and stationary are kept)
bullet Car park areas ( where accidents can happen)
bullet First aid room ( for insurance purposes)
bullet Sign in areas
bullet Locker rooms
bullet Cash Handling areas


Location  Prevention Risk quantities

Preventing any unwanted 
person entering the centre.
This can be viewed from an internal monitor


To prevent accidents (this is a very
important tool  used to measure tangible risks)

Car park

Essential in any large centre



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