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We specialise in programming and running of different office software e.g. Windows 2000, NT, Servers etc. networking for linking of workstations,  installation and configuration of office software, system administration, and troubleshooting of current prescribing and billing software.

We have a group of qualified technicians and guarantee our work.

We can help you with a complete networking services including:

bullet System administration
bullet Installation
bullet Troubleshooting
bullet Upgrade (software/hardware)
bullet Migration from Windows NT to Windows 2000
bullet Servers
bullet Personal email address
bullet Mail servers
bullet Remote connections and VPNs
bullet Wireless networking
bullet Centralizing and decentralizing of your system
bullet Hardware and software supplies and installations
bullet Internet connections and sharing
bullet Web hosting and site construction
bullet Onsite service
bullet Custom made systems for higher quality and reliability
bullet We recommend and use original Microsoft Windows 2000 and Windows 2000 Server family


What are de benefits of LAN's networks?

The local LAN immediate benefits of computer networking are:

bullet Many computers can access the same resources
bullet To share and exchange data between systems.
bullet To share peripherals : eg printer servers, database
bullet To work more efficiently in allocation of resources.
bullet Reduce time to disseminate information throughout the organisation.
bullet To save cost, time money.

Our experience in the networking field has shown that clients do save money  and have also increased profitability. Those revenues came from time saved, increased productivity, and by working in a more effective way the end result product was received by the customer sooner.

Statistical studies show that when organisations invested  money into new technology,  such as security equipment and network structures the immediate saving and profits where of great significance. up 50 % saving with in 12 months.

At Club security, we thrive in providing the highest standard of work to our clients with highly qualified and professional staff.

A Simple definition of Network

A Local Network is a communication network that provides inter connections of a variety of data communication devices with in a small area. William Stalling described in his book Local Networks.




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