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Recording Storage
Camera Installation Recording Storage Clubs Installation Remote Viewing

Camera installations to a one to one recorder: (one camera recording on one tape) This recording system allows images to be seen as being played almost live, with the capability to record 3, 12, 48, 72 or 160 Hrs. This makes it a very powerful tool that can be used in planning and developing new strategies in the way your business is conducted.

Multiplexed recording of multiple cameras: (multiple cameras recording on 1 tape) Cameras installed in areas classified as not high risk, can then be installed through  multiplexer devices.  This allows us to record up to 20 cameras on a single tape. This allows for easy access and storage.

Digital Recording onto a DVR: (digital video recorder)                                     The latest technology is to record digitally onto a DVR (digital video recorder)  and retrieve the images as needed. The images are recorded directly into the PC (personal computer) and stored on the hard drive.  The amount of storage depends on the size of the harddrive.

By law, tapes need to be kept for at least 30 days for legal reasons.

So the choices are:

bullet Record cameras on 1 to 1 video tape.
bullet Multiplexed recording of multiple cameras
bullet Digital Recording onto a DVR (digital video recorder)

Below is an example of various structural areas where cameras may be needed. This may assist you in ascertaining the recording type you prefer and the number of cameras needed.
To get an exact idea of camera layouts and an installation estimate, please send an email or fax to us so that we can make an appointment to visit you and advise on your individual needs.  We will advise camera layout, the type of equipment and the approximate cost of the installation.

Camera Name

Type of camera

Recording type 

Quantity of cameras

Entry door Entry Identification

One to one tape or
Digital recording

South Patio Play area, patio or 
entertainment room

One to one or 

Prep Kitchen Store room, kitchen 
office room





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